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My official About Page is currently in the shop. It definitely needs an overhaul. 😢blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

In the meantime:

You can read about how I work on my FAQ Page. It also contains some fun facts about me.

You can view my client testimonials.

I was featured in WordPress Discover. You can read the interview here.blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

Here’s some info taken from my social media profiles:

My images are different, like your brand needs to be.

I specialize in illustration, cartoons, infographics, animated GIFs, slideshows, stop-motion animation, and videos.

These take various forms: marketing and social media campaigns, promotional videos, editorial art, book illustration, web graphics, etc.

I’ve done work for Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A Restaurants, Guardian Life, RBC Dain, Discover Financial Services, and other major brands.

Grew up in Cooperstown, NY. Graduated College of the Holy Cross. Worked as a programmer-analyst, doing illustration and cartooning on the side. Began freelancing
full-time in June, 1989.

Second place, Illustration, New England Newspaper Press Association 2013 Awards

Personal Information
Born and raised in upstate New York, oldest of six. High school and college grad. Married, Catholic. Most of my heroes are artists and writers. New Hampshire resident since 1979– it’s a great place to live if you like to chop wood and swat mosquitos.blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

What do I look like? Here I am from kindergarten to the present day. Funny how I’ve gotten better looking with each passing year… 😊blank vertical space, 32 pixels highComposite photo 6 photos of Mark Armstrong illustrator from baby picture to present dayblank vertical space, 32 pixels highblank vertical space, 16 pixels highThanks for your patience, hope to have a new About Page installed soon! 😊

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