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March 17, 2020: Carol Roth


fireman watching as cat writes him a recommendation, fire truck in background indicates he has just rescued cat from a tree



Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make



February 19, 2020: Databox


Two guys selling balloons customer walking away from Blame Others to guy selling Accept Responsibility For Mistakes No Excuses balloons


4 Ways to Report Poor Performance to Your Boss or Client



January 27, 2020: Fundera

guy sitting at laptop computer, looks up to see a spider delivering a status report



How To Provide Excellent Customer Service






January 16, 2020: ReferralRockYoung woman with big hair sitting in front of laptop computer surrounded with little blue birds tweeting some in her hair nest


How To Succeed At Building Brand Awareness






January 8, 2020: Carol Roth

Crow perched on scarecrow's arm holding ear of corn, pushing scarecrow's ear like a doorbell, crow wants to do guest post on scarecrow's blog


New Year’s Business Resolutions




December 4, 2019: Content Marketing World

Bonsai dwarf tree in pot representing old blog content, branches representing problems like bad links, jargon, stock photos, buzzwords, saw, shears, clippers, other gardening tools hovering around plant, poised to prune poor and outdated content




Pruning Your Content Twitter Chat





November 27, 2019: SupportBeeWoman at desktop computer, startled to see carrier pigeon with mailman's cap and mailbag standing on top of her monitor, delivering a FYI letter



The #1 Customer Service Skill




November 4, 2019: UpJourney

Mouse on stage at podium giving speech to roomful of hungry cats, mouse standing in urine puddle


Why Is Public Speaking Important For Leaders and in Business?




September 19, 2019: Business News Daily

elevator pitch woman in baseball uniform with briefcase tossing baseball up and down in front of elevator




Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch






September 11, 2019: ShareThis
Dog as fortune teller wearing turban and sitting at crystal ball images of bones swirling inside as he attempts to predict the future



The Most Important Marketing Trends To Be Aware Of In 2019 & Beyond



August 22, 2019: UpJourney

Cow chicken introducing themselves tipping top hats brand ambassadors for Teet's Dairy Yolkum's Egg Farm




How To Become A Brand Ambassador





August 21, 2019: MerlinOne

Businessman talking little spinning buzzsaws coming out of his mouth irritated woman listener is looking up words in buzzword dictionary


The Most Important Ingredients For Creating A Great Brand Experience





August 6, 2019: Carol Roth
Young man with huge baseball glove running trying to catch a big wave of water that's flying through air with fish coming out of it




The Best Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs





July 9, 2019: Carol Roth

woman with paper pencil walking past sign Mark Armstrong Illustration testimonials always room for one more



The Best Tips for Getting and Using Testimonials in Business



July 8, 2019: Databox

Turkey representing post content stuffed with keywords celery bread apple onion can of cranberries


Content Strategy vs. SEO Strategy: How to Decide Which Comes First




July 3, 2019: Databox

clothesline with wet dripping clothes attachments handing from big envelope representing email puddles on ground



How To Write A Media Pitch That
Actually Lands Coverage






June 24, 2019: kununu Blog

marshmallow on stick representing email envelope toasting over fire keywords on rocks do research before send mail person's job title LinkedIn profile something they've written you can comment on



How To Write Professional Emails To Improve Your Career Success





June 21, 2019: CEO Blog Nationblank vertical space, 16 pixels high

Big shiny battery making muscle being positive pile of leaky discolored batteries being negative


20 Entrepreneurs Share Their CEO Nugget




June 18, 2019: Databox

Woman clicking her mobile phone causing bird to tweet using content promotion app Click to Tweet




23 Content Distribution Tips & Channels For Increasing Website Traffic




June 2, 2019: CEO Blog Nation

Unusual networking piece of cheese shaking hands with a mouse


10 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Leverage Networking in Business




May 22, 2019: G2’s Learning Hub

Woman in superhero costume flying through sky her cape shows a testimonial from happy CEO client for successful marketing plan


18 Expert Tips for Building Greater Brand Awareness in 2020



May 7, 2019: MyCorporation

signpost with two arrows options management alternative path promotion track grateful employee wiping his brow



How To Reduce Employee Turnover At Your Small Business



May 2, 2019: UpJourney

jack-in-the-box walking away from box with suitcase shedding a tear sign indicates surprises are not allowed first rule of freelancing customer relations



What Does Exceptional Customer Service Mean
To You?






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