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Is It Too Late To Wish Everyone A Happy New Year??

April 16, 2010

Note: Sadly, this slideshow no longer works the way it used to. Once started, it used to play straight thru automatically, with the Route 66 Theme as soundtrack. Unfortunately, the soundtrack feature was discontinued by Slideshare.

On a positive note, you can still play the slideshow manually. You have two choices: you can keep clicking the right arrow below the image, or you can click on the black area of the screen to the right of the image.

blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

Never too late, right?

This was originally created as a PDF Presentation in Photoshop, which was then uploaded to Slideshare. You can add a soundtrack to your Slideshare presentations.
The music here is the wonderfully mesmerizing theme for the old 1960s television show Route 66. Just click the arrow on the right of the viewing window below to begin the show. You can also watch the whole thing in true full screen mode on the Slideshare site by clicking here and then clicking on the full screen icon in the lower right-hand corner of the viewing window.

Happy New Year!

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