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How To Inject A Caricature With Steroids

June 22, 2010

A caricature of baseball player Barry Bonds created entirely in Photoshop. Scroll
down for the step-by-step sequence.Barry Bonds caricature with baseball fans in backgroundThe original photo:

Barry Bonds standing in dugout at baseball gameI used the Pen tool to create a clipping path and deleted the background:Barry Bonds who is under investigation for using steroidsI used the Liquify filter to “inject steroids” and add a scowl. Then I used the Clone
tool to smooth out the “stretch marks” left by the Liquify filter.caricature of baseball player and home run hitter Barry BondsI applied the Underpainting filter to give the photo the look of an illustration, then
used a couple of adjustment layers to brighten the image and boost the contrast.Photoshop filter used to brighten caricature of baseball star Barry BondsTo give the image a more colorful background I used this beautiful photo taken by
Liz Bogus
of Atlanta, GA. I found the photo on fans sitting along third baseline at Expos-Pirates gameI selected a portion of the crowd, pasted it into the Bonds image, and applied a
Gaussian Blur
for the final result.Barry Bonds caricature with baseball fans in background

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  1. Bob Johnson permalink
    June 22, 2010 8:09 PM

    Amazing–Darn Good Work !


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