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Woolly Bully! Calling All Sheep!

January 18, 2011

An illustration for an upcoming post on the Atomic Tango blog. The author’s basic premise: all fashion designers steal: first from the French, then from each other.
My basic idea: the Eiffel Tower as radio transmitter, sending follow-like-sheep signals
to two crystal balls. Here’s the final. Scroll down to see how the illustration was designers looking in crystal balls and stealing ideas from the French and each other

I began by scanning this line drawing into Photoshop:line drawing of fashion designers stealing ideas from the French and each other

I used the Pen tool to extract the Eiffel Tower and a crystal ball from two separate photos. I posterized both images, did several color adjustments, and pasted them into the line drawing. I needed a second crystal ball, so I pasted in the same crystal ball again and scaled it down to a smaller size. I used the Pen tool to redraw the “radio dial bases” of the two crystal balls, giving them a more slick, geometric look. I added color to the first figure and used the Dodge and Burn tools to lighten and darken certain areas of the clothing. At this point, the smaller crystal ball is invisible because it’s on its own layer beneath the larger crystal ball. fashion designer peering into crystal ball using layer mask in Photoshop

Since the larger crystal ball was on its own layer, I could use a simple layer mask
to reveal the smaller crystal ball beneath it. Also revealed at the same time: the
color portion of the second designers with crystal balls picking up signals from Eiffel Tower

I then used the same trick again: I applied a layer mask to the smaller crystal ball
to reveal the “latest fashion” being transmitted from French Fashion designers with crystal balls revealing image using layer mask in Photoshop

This “latest fashion” is my favorite part of the illustration. Unfortunately, it’s small and hard to see– it deserves a closer look.

My original idea was simply to lift a dress from an old photo, colorize it, and put it on a mannequin. But a funny thing happened– it looked pretty good!

combining old lady's dress and store mannekin to produce unusual fashion outfit

A more pronounced absurdist element was needed. I hit on the idea of replacing the mannequin’s stylish hat with a colorized and posterized copy of Gabby Hayes’ famous topper. This clearly struck the right tone…use Photoshop Pen tool to clip out Gabby Hayes hat and put on fashion mannekin

I used a grungy Photoshop texture for the earth, and experimented with color adjustments and the Burn tool to give it an environmentally damaged look.
For the night sky, I used a posterized photo, then applied various adjustment tools
to change and brighten the colors. use Photoshop texture and photo to create planet Earth and night sky for fashion illustration

I found a photo of a single sheep, extracted it with the Pen tool and pasted it in four times, scaling it as need. Finally, I merged the earth and sky layers and used the Eraser tool set to a spatter brush to create the splotchy border. Here’s the final again:fashion designers looking in crystal balls and stealing ideas from the French and each other

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  1. frintongirl permalink
    February 23, 2011 12:09 PM

    great, thanks; it’s always good to “see” how things are conceived and delivered.


    • February 23, 2011 10:19 PM

      You’re very welcome. I’m flattered that you took some time to look around. Thanks so much for your kind support.


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