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Busker: How The Street Musician Honored His Dear Ol’ Ma On Mother’s Day

May 9, 2014

As mentioned in previous posts, I did a cartoon strip about a street musician named Busker back in the mid-90’s. Busker was a little guy who wore a beret and played the saxophone. The strip was for a local arts and entertainment paper, and ran for about three years.

The early strips usually had Busker playing his saxophone on a street corner. Later, the gags got more elaborate and involved non-musical settings.

Here we see Busker doing his best to honor his mother on her special day. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!!

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Street musician Busker standing next to cop staring at mean tough women in police lineup

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Mean tough old ladies in police lineup including Busker's mother

Street musician Busker whispering to big policeman

Big policeman holding on to Busker's mean old hardened criminal mom, presenting her to Busker who's grinning, trying to pretend he's happy to see her

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Busker's mother wearing ball and chain, Busker escorting her to fancy restaurant for Mother's Day brunch

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Do you have a special Mother’s Day routine?

Did you ever serve your mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day?

Have you ever had to pick your mom out of a police lineup??

Hope you’ll leave a comment.

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7 Comments leave one →
  1. May 9, 2014 7:14 PM

    Oh, Noooo… you mean it’s this Sunday?! I gave her a rose last Sunday!!! What am I to do? 🙄 Maybe she’ll find out and hunt me down to shoot me, get arrested in the process and …guess what, then I will have to pick her out of a police lineup!
    Praeclarus opus!!! 🙂


    • May 14, 2014 7:41 AM

      I just sent the following telegram to your mom: “Marina got wrong date stop Please return rose stop Plenty of other flowers available stop Please visit Marina’s shop for wide product selection stop Checks, credit card, cash all accepted stop Please make purchase ASAP stop You won’t be able to shop when you’re in jail stop Happy Mother’s Day stop” : )

      Tibi gratias agimus quod, dea picta!! : )


      • May 14, 2014 1:18 PM

        Lorem ipsum tulit, nobble Domine. Gratias ex corde. 🙂
        Thank you for the telegram of admonition to my mother. She is complying! 😉


        • May 19, 2014 1:56 PM

          These dear mothers– how they doth try our patience… : )

          Ah, well– glad she’s seen the light. Ut sapien vobiscum! : )


  2. May 9, 2014 10:24 PM

    Ah, the old ball and chain. That comment is usually meant for the “bitter half.”

    Kudos to Busker for bailing out his Mom and remembering her special day. Loved your cartoon tribute to Mother’s Day, Mark. 😉


    • May 14, 2014 9:45 AM

      Thanks, Judy! Hope you were able to bail your kids out so they could take you out for a nice Mother’s Day meal. Hmm… I wonder who had to pick up the check?? We won’t go there… : )

      Hope you had a ball without the chain!!


      • May 14, 2014 7:21 PM

        I definitely had a ball, Mark. No chains were involved. It’s always a good time when our family gets together. Hope you and yours and a wonderful day as well. 😉


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