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PR Tactics illustrations

All illustrations circa 2007.

journalism public relations writing press release use inverted pyramid to structure information priority who what when where why how

young college graduate in car traveling to new job hauling business cards gas mobile phone money cleaner shirts ties coffee

public relations guy writing press release trying to channel Shakespeare

for PR Tactics news release anatomy pull-down chart with human body outline embedded text professor lecturer pointer classroom

guy in hot air balloon crossing over shark-infested channel

movie camera casting bright spotlight on expert other people lost in shadows

hourglass guy sipping drink lying on beach blanket on sand top half guy slaving away work at desk sand falling on his head bottom half

business people with briefcases standing on large keys soaring up into sky

traditional brick mortar store Mom's Pies on left online store website on computer right please wait while pie is loading

guy soaring up with balloons using story writing elements hero villain love romance suspense tension humor conflict resolution more interesting than boring facts

computer devices no longer fixed in place now mobile thanks to wireless transmission

corporate public relations guy walking up pencil staircase to office elements of trade media television newspaper computer world phone telecommunications travel airplane chart writing trade showblank vertical space, 40 pixels high

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