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Political Cartoons: Tweaking The Congressional Nose

September 27, 2010

I do a weekly political cartoon for Congress Daily. (Note: paid subscription, site
requires password.) The following cartoons were done after Congress reconvened following its August recess, and prior to their adjourning again in October to hit the campaign trail prior to midterm elections on November 2nd.

Monday, Sept 13, 2010: certain issues seem to be creating a perfect storm for Republicans in the midterm elections:political cartoon showing the deficit, unemployment, and immigration as a perfect storm for Republicans in the upcoming midterm electionsMonday, Sept 20, 2010: I had some fun with the term shovel-ready, which is politician-speak for a public works project that’s ready to go (as soon as it receives some stimulus money):political cartoon which says that campaign promises are shovel-ready hooeyMonday, Sept 27, 2010: A closure vote is a motion to end debate and vote on
a bill. If you force a closure vote knowing you lack the votes to cut off debate, you are effectively daring the other side to filibuster the motion. When they do, you can label them as obstructionists as part of your campaign strategy. You opt for political gamesmanship over compromise legislation:congress daily political cartoon showing Democrats and Republicans as fencers engaged in political gamesmanship

Monday, Oct 4, 2010: the two parties decide to abandon any attempt to pass meaningful legislation before the midterm elections– after all, casting a vote might give your opponent some ammunition:political cartoon showing Republicans and Democrats giving up on meaningful legislation before the midterm elections

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