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A Blog Named Sue: More Lawsuits

June 10, 2011

Every month, I do an illustration for the Strange Suits feature in Inside Counsel Magazine. They send me capsule descriptions of four lawsuits. I do a rough sketch
for each, and they pick the one they like best.

The June 2011 winner involves two young internet celebs. Adorian Deck created the enormously popular Twitter account @OMGFacts. Emerson Spartz created the enormously popular Harry Potter fansite The two formed a partnership in February 2010, but Deck is now suing Spartz for misappropriating
his intellectual property, i.e., the OMGFacts brand.

Here’s the finished cartoon. Scroll down to see the other rough sketches.  lawsuit involving Adorian Deck and Emerson Spartz and intellectual property rights relating to a Twitter account called OMG Facts

Four cast members from the 1970s sitcom Happy Days sued CBS, claiming the
network failed to pay them millions of dollars in merchandising revenue. Anson Williams, Don Most, Marion Ross, and Erin Moran played Potsie, Ralph,
Marion, and Joanie, respectively. CBS is not fighting the suit, and says it intends
to honor the contracts.  lawsuit involving actors who played Potsie, Ralph, Marion, and Joanie on Happy Days tv series who claim CBS network did not pay them their fair share of merchandising revenue

RockHard Industries makes a “topical delay spray” for men called Die Hard. Sears makes a line of car batteries called Diehard. Sears is suing for trademark infringement.trademark infringement lawsuit involving two products both called Diehard: a sexual enhancement spray and a line of Sears car batteries

S. Victor Whitmill is the famous tattoo artist who gave ex-boxer Mike Tyson his distinctive facial tattoo. Whitmill sued Warner Bros. over similar-looking facial
art on a character in the movie, The Hangover: Part II. A judge denied an injunction (allowing the movie to be released), but the case is still pending.lawsuit involving tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill and the facial art used in the Warner Brothers movie The Hangover Part II

And here’s the sketch for the OMGFacts lawsuit:lawsuit involving Adorian Deck and Emerson Spartz and intellectual property rights relating to a Twitter account called OMG Facts

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  1. soul . to . earth permalink
    October 10, 2013 11:28 AM

    Another hilarious one! Seriously, do you fall off the chair while drawing these? The tattoo one: Wise-ass-ink 😉


    • October 16, 2013 8:13 AM

      Thank you, counselor! I appreciate your stepping into the witness box and offering that stirring testimony!! : )

      Yes, I do sometimes fall out of my chair while drawing strange suits. I should probably stop waxing the seat… : )

      I did sneak a little wise-ass ink in there– it seemed appropriate, considering the tattoo’s location!!


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