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I Don’t Mind Having My Name In Lights– Honest!

July 3, 2013

It’s always flattering to have one’s work singled out– especially if you’re a big ham like me… : )

Cristian Mihai was kind enough to feature me on his irevuo blog recently. The post is short and sweet and includes a slideshow of my work. Hope you’ll click over and take a look. Here’s a screen shot:

Mark Armstrong beer glass Olympic rings illustration and showcase image from irevuo site posted by Cristian Mihai

Cristian plans to feature a variety of artists on his blog. He also welcomes submissions. If you like art and photography, you might want to subscribe. Be sure to take a look. You can’t miss his colorful blog header for irevuo site featuring artists and illustrators written by Cristian Mihai

Do you subscribe to any art blogs purely for inspiration?

How do you feel about slideshows for displaying work? Any drawbacks or pluses?

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24 Comments leave one →
  1. July 3, 2013 10:24 AM

    …and why should you when you b…. well deserve it!!!
    Cristian’s idea is great and he picked a worthy illustrator to start it with!!


    • July 8, 2013 1:54 PM

      Dear Marina!– you made me laugh with pleasure, thank you. You’re not just a great artist, you’re a truly uplifting person– and I, for one, appreciate it!! Thanks for always being so supportive and delightful. : )


  2. July 3, 2013 10:41 AM

    I love this Olympics illustration. Seems very fitting.


    • July 8, 2013 1:58 PM

      Thank you very much indeed. I just checked with the judges, and they’re awarding this fine comment a Gold medal! : )

      I sincerely appreciate your visit and your support– thanks.


  3. July 3, 2013 12:45 PM

    I bookmark some art blogs (less than 10) for inspiration and something just more visual! I have used slideshows in my blog for photos of things I’ve seen on my travels which includes artwork. It’s handy for stuffing some great photos/art pieces and is only meant to give a glimpse / “feel” for reader.

    A static photo is better in a blog if the blog discusses the piece for even a short paragraph but has some significance.


    • July 8, 2013 2:07 PM

      Good points as always, Jean, thanks. Text can get pretty boring without visuals, and the reverse is often true as well. A nice balance seems to be a key ingredient in both art and life.

      Yes, slideshows do seem very effective at giving a viewer a quick intro to someone’s work. I think they can also be an effective teaching vehicle– providing one has the option of stopping the show at any given point, to study a particular (now stationary!) image.

      Many thanks for your visit and your comment, Jean! : )


  4. July 3, 2013 2:12 PM

    Mark, this is wonderful. They made an excellent choice to showcase your delightful illustrations.


  5. July 3, 2013 3:08 PM

    This recognition of your talent, or dare I say, genius is well deserved. Bravo!


    • July 10, 2013 2:05 PM

      I daresay you may daresay whatever you please, TT– I have the utmost respect for your opinion… : )

      Thank you for that wonderful comment. It made me smile, laugh, blush, and walk around on air so my socks wouldn’t get dirty!! : )


  6. July 3, 2013 4:44 PM

    Hey, congratulations Mark! This is super.

    Submissions… hmmm… if he was willing to accept group submissions, i.e. that of me and 3 members of my immediate family, he’d have a deal.


    • July 10, 2013 2:09 PM

      Thank you, Jak, I always appreciate your very kind support.

      A group submission… hmm. Dunno. You and your family might be over the talent limit… : )


  7. July 4, 2013 12:00 AM

    That was a really nice showcase, Mark. You deserve to have your name in lights; you are super talented!!


    • July 10, 2013 2:13 PM

      My dear Maddie–! Must you make me blush so on such a warm day?? Well, if you must, you must, I suppose… : P

      Whenever people ask me how I stay humble, I say: “I visit Maddie Cochere’s blog– the starlight there is so bright, I gotta wear two pairs of shades!!” : )


  8. July 4, 2013 9:27 AM

    YES to the slide shows. On another note, I just had a look around to check if you were Canadian! I see you’re in New Hampshire but wonder at all the beavers, flags and mounties (I adore).


    • July 10, 2013 2:20 PM

      Thanks, Lesley. Some of my favorite bloggers are Canadian, so I feel I have a strong Canadian connection. I’ve also been lucky enough to take bike tours of both Nova Scotia and the Canadian Rockies.

      But yes, I’m a New Hampshire guy, which makes me much closer to a beaver than a Mountie… : )


      • July 10, 2013 2:26 PM

        πŸ˜€ you got me laughing again Mark. Thanks for that!

        I have never been to the Rockies but sure love Nova Scotia. One day I would like to go to Newfoundland as I have heard such wonderful things about the people there – not to mention the glorious scenery.


  9. SingingTuna permalink
    July 4, 2013 6:54 PM

    Oh, FABULOUS!!!!
    I ran right over there, “liked” it, and left a comment.


    • July 10, 2013 2:28 PM

      My Dear Tuna, fairest singer in the painterly sea–! You always make my day brighter, and I am an enormous fan of your wonderful and utterly unique paintings.

      Thanks a heap o’ Reeses, and I hope you’re not all outta breath from running over to the irevuo site!! ::hyperventilates in gratitude and sympathetic understanding::


  10. July 5, 2013 1:46 PM

    I don’t subscribe to blogs specifically for inspiration, though I do get inspired from some of them, art, poetry and prose.


    • July 11, 2013 10:51 AM

      I’m with you there. That’s one of the great things about blogs– you never know when you might stumble across some enormously inspiring work. And there certainly seems to be no shortage of it. That, too, is inspiring.

      Many thanks for your comment and support, sir! : )


  11. July 18, 2013 3:50 PM

    I follow Cristian Mihai’s blog and when I saw that post when it was published my first reaction was: “Oh my god it’s Mark’s work! That’s so awesome!” Had to instantly like the post and comment on it πŸ™‚

    Congrats on getting the recognition, you deserve it!

    I do follow a few art blogs, it is always interesting to see what inspires others and how they do their work. If there is something they show that wiggles my brain it always makes me want to try it out, like you have done a few times with your tutorials ^_^


    • July 25, 2013 8:47 AM

      Well, I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face. That was so nice of Cristian to give me a nod on his blog, and he did a beautiful job with the slideshow. I must say, however, that what really touched me were some of the comments, especially yours and some of my other faithful followers’. It brought a (jelly bean??) tear to my eye, and made me feel very grateful indeed. Thank you, dear Fox!

      I agree about art blogs. I’m constantly amazed by other artists’ creative imaginations (you must take a bow here), and I, too, am often “fired up” and anxious to try some new technique after seeing what others have done. Blogs are certainly a godsend when it comes to sharing information and learning new things. They “wiggle our brains,” if I may use your wonderful expression! : )

      Thanks as always for stopping by!


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