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6 Marketing Tricks For More Treats

October 31, 2016

detail image Infographic woman juggling jack o'lanterns marketing tricks to get more treats have niche ideal client content promotion strategy use visuals put customer first never undervalue your work don't sell yourself cheap ask for referralsblank vertical space, 32 pixels highThere are lots of good marketing practices. Let’s look at six of them.BlankVertSpace.8pixels

1. Have a niche

In other words: specialize. Be clear on what you’re selling. You can’t be all things to
all people
. You’ll only frustrate yourself and confuse your customers.

Lynda Falkenstein, author of Nichecraft, puts it this way: “Smaller is bigger in business, and smaller is not all over the map; it’s highly focused.” Make a wish list. Describe your ideal client(s). Then you’ll know who to go after.blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

2. Have a content promotion strategy before you create content

Having a promotion strategy means you know who you’re creating the content for (your target audience), and how you’re going to promote it: email campaign, influencers, different social media platforms, etc.

Where do your ideal prospects hang out? Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat? You know because you’ve done the research. That’s where you’ll promote your content on social media.blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

3. Use visuals

Why? This HubSpot infographic sums it up: visuals grab attention; they generate more views for your posts; visual content is more understandable; it influences emotions, generates more social engagement, etc, etc.

Steve Masters of Vertical Leap writes that “The more eye-catching the art, the more likely users are to like and share it. The images you use are just as important as the words on the page.”blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

4. Put the customer first

Marketing is about adding value to customers’ lives. You have to align your goals with the customer’s. CEO Jeff Bezos attributes Amazon’s success to three big ideas: “Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.”

Being “customer-centric” creates trust. Customers are more likely to share their good experience and become ambassadors for your brand.blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

5. Be Better, Not Cheaper

I’ll just quote the very wise Seth Godin:

“Once you decide to become a cheap commodity, all of the choices you made to be a non-commodity fall victim to your pursuit of cheap.

“Cheap is the last refuge for the marketer who can’t figure out how to be better.

“The alternative is to choose to be worth it, remarkable, reliable, a good neighbor, a worthy citizen, leading edge, comfortable, trusted, funny, easy, cutting edge or just about anything except, ‘the cheapest at any cost.'”
blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

6. Ask for referrals

When you connect with a prospect, follow up. Stay in touch. Nurture the relationship. Once you’re hired, do good work and ask for a referral.

Aubre Andrus writes, “The client may be able to refer you to a friend or someone internally to a different department within the same company. Every connection you make has a network; ask to be a part of it. It’s free and effective.”

She adds: “In order to ask clients to confidently refer you, you need to build a strong reputation. That means consistently producing outstanding work.”blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

Here’s the whole post condensed into a single infographic:BlankVertSpace.8pixelsblank vertical space, 32 pixels highInfographic woman juggling jack o'lanterns marketing tricks to get more treats have niche ideal client content promotion strategy use visuals put customer first never undervalue your work don't sell yourself cheap ask for referrals

blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

    *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

Do you have a marketing tip you’d care to share? Please leave a comment.

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blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

    *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *blank vertical space, 16 pixels high

About Mark: I’m an illustrator specializing in humor, branding, social media, and content marketing. I create images that get content seen and shared.

You can view my portfolio, and connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Questions? Send me an email.

blank vertical space, 32 pixels high

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  1. November 1, 2016 7:04 AM

    Great tips, Mark…
    Love the pumpkins; another ‘subtle’ tip ~ be current!
    Happy Halloween… 🙂


    • November 3, 2016 9:34 AM

      My dear Carolyn! How nice to see you. I think of you every time I see a video clip of some fancy-schmancy dancers. “Tish-tosh!” I cry, “Carolyn Page could out-boogie them any day!!” : )

      You’re certainly right about the need to stay current. Keeping up with changing trends while staying true to your core values is one of the biggest challenges for any brand.

      A belated Happy Halloween to you as well. Now I must go sing to my pumpkins. They love my rendition of “Hit The Road, Jack!!” : )

      Liked by 1 person

  2. November 1, 2016 2:58 PM

    Best trick-or-treat TREAT ever! Full of good ideas, wonderful quotations, pertinent action plans and – ::drum roll:: – your AMAZING illustrations!
    Thank you for sharing this, Mark!!


    • November 3, 2016 9:46 AM

      Aw garsh, shuckins– thanks, RK! You are too kind, as is your unfailing custom. Glad you enjoyed the post. I thought of you as I was composing the “Use Visuals” section, since you are, of course, one of the most unique and inspired visual artists slappin’ paint and whatnot on canvases today! : )

      Hope you had a nice Halloween, with a constant stream of admirers knocking on the door, holding out big plastic pumpkins filled to the brim with Reeses Pieces, and saying: “Here, I want you to have this… ” : )

      Keep smilin’, and thanks as ever for your wunnaful support!!

      Liked by 1 person


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